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Beach Combing

Beach comber at NairnBeach combing is one of my favourite pastimes. Last week the weather was beautiful and we took the opportunity to visit Nairn beach. Glad we did because although it's now mid April, we're back to chilly and wintry weather. Nairn has a lovely beach Nairn I always find something I can't resist picking up. This time a baby scallop shell, some mussel mother of pearl, some fab bits of pottery, polished smooth and a tiny piece of beach glass. Not to mention some nice wood. My daughter has inherited the same urge to pick up beach treasures (maybe all women do this - I don't know?) and she got, among many pretty pebbles, a heart shaped stone and a unicorn horn. (Yes, really truly, it's a unicorn horn from a miniature unicorn.)

I've fashioned two of the finds into pendants. A lovely, big and fairly colourful pottery piece and a tiny piece of beach glass. I've wire-wrapped each in Sterling Silver and added a tiny, dangling pearl to the beach glass pendant. Among the other beach combings in this picture, which include dog whelk shells from previous trips to Nairn, there is a lovely, gold, textured starfish. I found this while combing charity shops in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Charity shop combing is another of my favourite things. I couldn't resist adding this lovely starfish to this picture of beachy things. It's an unsigned piece, cast and with the brooch back riveted on. (I also have a passion for rivets!) See my gallery for the pendants, or e-mail me if you'd like to commission a Nairn beach piece. The brooch, I'm afraid, is not for sale. It's in my collection! April 15th 2015

Beach combings