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What Mums really want for Mother's Day

For a Mum, the best Mother's Day morning involves lieing in bed, pretending to be asleep but actually listening to the clatter and chatter in the kitchen of Dad and the kids making a Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed.

We Mums pretend to wake up surprised to the tray of croissants, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, orange juice and hand-made cards. We love it (honestly) when you all pile into bed, get croissant crumbs everywhere and bicker over the butter.

If you do buy presents please get something either beautiful or useful (or both). A pair of earrings would be perfect (please look at my gallery - lots of ideas), or chocolates or flowers. But whatever you do, don't buy, PLEASE don't buy that generic Mother's Day C**P that fills the shop shelves at this time of year. We mustn't encourage them to manufacture any more of it! It all ends up in landfill! So please, breakfast in bed and handmade cards - fantastic. If you do the dishes afterwards as-well we'll be blown away!