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What's Stylish Now? According to Kate Finnigan in Sunday's Stella, scarves are. "They are true to the 1970s trend and a nice solution to late winter chills." The full article is here: Telegraph Stella article Now I personally love scarves. But they're not great for wearing with necklaces so here are a few tips on how to accessorise this particular accessory!

IOJ Scarves1The scarf pictured left is a vintage square scarf in the most gorgeous summery colours. I've teamed it with royal blue faceted agate and Sterling Silver earrings (see my gallery, these are for sale!) and a cute little bracelet in pink and white. Look closely at the bracelet... I made it from a toothbrush handle. Pretty labour intensive but very cute!

IOJ Scarves2 This scarf (pictured right) is also vintage, nice bright colours and very youthful. Here I've teamed it with aluminium leaf earrings on recycled chain. The bracelet was an uninspired bangle with peeling plating. I sanded the plate off and was left with lovely brass, into which I wove the little green beads.

IOJ Scarves3

This gorgeous scarf is from my Mum-in-Law. The black onyx matt cube earrings go perfectly with the geometric design of this scarf. These earrings are also for sale in my shop.

IOJ Scarves4 Same scarf, but here (left) with a brooch I bought from a charity shop for my brooch collection. I think it's a Sarah Coventry piece, a beautiful and unusual pear. (It's signed SARAH on the back and is a lovely heavy, well-made piece - a great find!)

Brooches/pins are very handy if you want to keep your scarf in a certain, stylish position. For example I wear scarves if the top or dress I'm wearing shows a bit too much cleavage! One word of warning though, a pin can damage fine silk scarves.

(And I know what you're thinking: pear/cleavage, but I'm saying nothing!)