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My Jewellery Report from the Spring/Summer 2012 "Pre" Fashion Shows

Just a quick report on the Pre Spring/Summer 2012 Ready-To-Wear Shows from around the world. Not entirely sure why there are "pre" shows. Pre-pre season or perhaps theres a season in between winter and spring in the fashion world that ordinary folks don't know anything about. Later on these fashion houses will have a show show, in fact, they must be in a constant whirl of showing! If you want to see any pictures for yourself look at then click on Fashion Shows. This is a brilliant rescource for anyone interested in fashion. I'm sorry, but I can't afford to buy the pictures myself and they don't give them away - understandably.

The jewellery item that stood out most for me was bracelets. There were bracelets all over the place - well on wrists but that from Singapore to New York and London. Amuse had them - chunky bangles in black or silver studded with crystals. Diane Von Furstenberg showed chunky chain bracelets. Farah Khan, in Singapore had a lot of jewellery. (That's a FULL-STOP!)Bangles were big and worn stacked on both wrists - in enamel colours of orange, pink and blue and metallic bronze, gunmetal and silver. Also bracelets - my favourite look was three beaded bracelets, all very different but worn together on one wrist united by a turquoise blue theme. Among others with chunky bracelets were Soss and Bide - colourful cuffs, Sophielle - bondage style, Vionnet, Yumumu - lovely wide beaded bracelets and Yves Saint Laurent .

Necklaces varied in these collections - some very large with big angular, ceramic beads on thick, beaded ropes at Danjyo Hiyaji, some more delicate such as Hansel's necklaces with finer chains and smaller focal beads.

I loved Donna Karan's collection of beaded flowers, put together to make dramatic and beautiful necklaces. Beautiful and dramatic too were the necklaces at Kle. These were flowers made from colourful leathers and beads. Marni were using beads, tassles and butterflies. Yves Saint Laurent went with seaside motifs like ropes, starfish and shells in bold colour mixes such as red and black.

The prize for most wacky necklaces has to go to Revasseur with big cloth people pendants, big cloth birds and speech bubble pendants - might take off on a smaller scale...

There were a smattering of earrings. Hansel, Singapore and my favourites at Marni's eveningwear collection - the most adorable, elegant, long drop earrings.

Brooches worth a mention were the beaded and ribboned flowers at Donna Karan sometimes worn three at a time in bold, eyecatching colours and colour combos, like black and white and red and black.

Now if you've looked at the fashion Shows or if you're clued up on this stuff you'll have noticed that I've missed someone out. Someone who deserves an award for services to jewellery and that is of course Alber Elbaz atLanvin. With gorgeous jewellery galore. Big beaded or chain necklaces - worn as chokers, mid-length, opera length and longer. Worn one, two, ten at a time. With pendants, without pendants. Big beaded earrings, hoops and long earrings worn one at a time. Stacks of bracelets, bracelets worn singly or one on each wrist. Metal tones, greens, yellows, pearls, eye-popping blue and aqua mixes, mixed reds, whites and blacks. Motifs included shells and hearts. Styles were ethnic to urbane.

Wow! What a collection. As a jewellery designer and wearer myself I feel its a green light for whatever you fancy!

So there we are, my summary of the spring/summer 2012 'pre' collections. Seems strange to be thinking about next summer on a dull August morning. Its about 14 months since we last had a summer in Inverness! Never mind, I can always pile on the jewellery to cheer myself up.

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