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Blokes - What to get for Valentine's Day (on the 14th February this year)

OK, so I was going to write a piece about buying the perfect bit of jewellery for your loved one but I decided that wouldn't be totally honest of me. You see I think Valentine's Day has long been another excuse to get money out of you. Don't get me wrong, we (my husband and I) used to do romantic dinners for two in the flat and I'd spend days hand crafting the perfect Valentine's Day card. And my (then future) husband would buy very over-priced roses from florists. A romantic gesture surely but not very sensible... So, if you want to be sensible get your roses at the supermarket. If you don't want to be sensible go for a tray of hand-made chocolates with a lovely diamond bracelet (not a ring - she might think you're popping the question).

Feel free to look at my website. I've got some lovely bespoke jewellery. Earrings start at £10.00 and go up from there... But every piece is unique which might be quite nice for your unique woman. I'm happy to advise if you drop me a line.

Girls - What are you getting for Valentine's Day?

Leave hints. Not subtle hints but great, big clangery hints. If not ask or search his pockets/carrier bags/wallet for receipts. Or better still, gratefully receive the pricey (but gorgeous) roses, eat the chocs and then treat yourself to something - you deserve it.

If you like, have a quick look at my gallery. I've got some nice pieces of jewellery which I make myself and the best thing, is that each piece is totally unique.