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The World's Gone Mad - Safety Notes for Jewellery Wearers

I've long hesitated publishing guidelines like these, thinking 'it's just common-sense'. However, having been in the City Centre of Inverness on a Friday night in the coldest December on record I think it is obvious that sometimes we sacrifice common sense in the interests of fashion.

With slippery, downright dangerous conditions underfoot and temperatures well below -10, our hardy Highland lasses were still teetering about in skyscraper heels, tiny skirts and NO TIGHTS! You could just picture them transported to the arctic circle, tottering over the permafrost and keeping an eye out for polar bears.

So, use your common sense when wearing jewellery, take off your baubles when doing DIY or in the gym - seriously, they may harm your health!

I design most of my earrings, especially longer ones with fish hook wires. These will tend to fall out of your ears if they get caught on something. Its a real nuisance losing an earring but its better than losing an earlobe!Don't wear long earrings if you're looking after young kids and if you're wearing shoulder-sweeping earrings then wear on bare shoulders or smooth, well-fitted clothes. I don't design heavy earrings but be careful if you have a penchant for big weighty jewels on your ears - over time these can cause quite a bit of damage.

Also, be careful about necklaces. I design all of my necklaces to be strong enough for every day wear, including sharp tugs from toddlers but all my necklaces have a point at which if you apply enough force they will break. This isn't a design flaw. It is a bit daft to swing something round your neck that is unbreakable. After all you can fix a broken necklace...

So you fashionistas out there, carry on doing your stuff - we love it - but just remember to apply a little bit of common sense.