Island Orchid Jewellery

Tips on buying the perfect piece of jewellery as a gift or for yourself!

Buying jewellery for other people can be a bit of a minefield so here are some tips to help you pick the perfect piece!

Think about the jewellery the wearer normally wears : The person you're buying for may only wear discreet jewellery so don't buy anything too flamboyant or vice versa!

Think about the colours they normally wear : Although the person you're buying for may not be wearing the colours that best suit them you need to buy jewellery that will complement what is in their wardrobe - or they'll never be able to wear that piece of jewellery!

Do they prefer silver or gold? Some people have a definite preference for one or the other. Get a piece in tones that will go.


Petite person, small neck - Watch you don't buy a necklace too long. What might look quite ordinary on someone else may end up in the cleavage of the wearer.

Short neck - Something a bit longer will lengthen the neck.

Large neck - Don't get anything too small, either too short or too dainty, it will look tiny on a larger neck.

Think about the neckline of the clothes the wearer normally favours :

Low-cut V-necks - will suit something that lands on the breastbone.

Round-necked tops - will suit something shorter with a small pendant or a necklace on the round with no pendant.

Polo necks - suit long, long necklaces.

Bracelets and Rings

Big hands equals big jewellery and remember if your recipient is large of wrist then they may require a longer than 'normal' length of bracelet. It's very disappointing to receive a bracelet you can't even fasten around your wrist.

Slender dainty fingers can wear delicate, dainty rings - the same would look too small on big fingers, so if the fingers are chunky go for bolder rings.


Long, dangly earrings frame the face and feel fabulous but if your recipient is very petite they will not flatter! Also, bear in mind that some people won't wear long earrings for other reasons - if they've got young kids for example they might be afraid of losing an earlobe!

And never buy earrings for pierced ears if your recipient doesn't have pierced ears. It sounds obvious but if you're not sure then its worth checking!

Some extra tips :

If your recipient is an eco-warrior or ethical shopper then why not go for vintage? Look in charity shops, antique shops or on EBay for vintage jewellery. Some jewellery makers incorporate recycled parts from other jewellery (and from non-jewellery items) into their new pieces.

And if you have a specific idea - or no idea at all - then why not go bespoke? It's not as scary or as expensive as it might sound. A one-off, unique, especially commissioned piece makes a very special present!