Island Orchid Jewellery

P5107922 New Packaging for 2015 Gorgeous new origami boxes, upcycled magazine bags, lots of ribbons. Some very pretty packages.

Beach comber Beach combing A heavenly few hours on Nairn beach and some lovely finds. And do women universally love beach combing?

Scarves are back According to Kate Finnigan in Sunday's Stella (April 5th 2015): "Carres, neck ties, square scarves, ban-flipping-dannas- they're one of those trends that no one saw coming but suddenly everyone seems up for" Here's some tips for wearing jewellery with scarves. Necklaces unfortunately won't work but somehow scarves remind me of Oktoberfest and that's got to be a good thing!

Cuttlefish Casting My son, seven at the time, designed these James Bond Lego minifigure cufflinks for his Dad's special birthday. I had a great time figuring out casting and I made these entirely from bits of scrap silver.

I've developed some lovely new packaging for a summer 2014 line of jewellery - coming up soon on the website and my Etsy shop. I've been practising the origami and I've even had the paintbrushes out...

A History Of Scottish Pearls When I began researching this I thought it would take a few days at most. A few weeks later and I feel I've hardly scratched the surface. I could write a book about it, but some people have already done that - see extensive bibliography at the end of my article. It turns out to be a rather sad story of how a species is now critically endangered because of overfishing for pearls with which to adorn ourselves. This picture is reproduced courtesy of Scottish Natural Heritage who have a lot of information about the pearl mussel on their website Scottish Natural Heritage

Designing a Piece of Jewellery I was commissioned to make a piece of jewellery for the Scots Magazine giveaway. My brief was to create something with Scottish materials that was inspired by the Scottish landscape. Read how some T.S Eliot lines and an East coast stormy beach inspired me.

Spring/Summer 2012 'Pre' Shows Not entirely sure why there are 'pre' shows. Pre-pre season or perhaps there's a season in between winter and spring in the fashion world that ordinary folks don't know anything about. Anyway, this is my report form the pre shows. (Plastic doll modelling Miss Havisham style dress, pearl earring as pendant and pearl ring as arm cuff.)

Autumn/Winter 2011-12 Shows Read my report for jewellery trends form the runway for A/W 2011-12. But don't be a plastic person when it comes to these trends. If you like it - wear it. If not do your own thing, you're probably a trendsetter or maybe even above trends. (This plastic doll is modelling warm winter trousers, completely-impractical-for-winter crop top and pearl and crystal necklace.)

What Mums really want for Mothers Day Don't buy any of that landfill fodder - breakfast in bed will be just fine. Hand-made cards we love. If you do the dishes afterwards as-well we'll be blown away.(I think I'm on the left of this picture. The one with the googly eyes is a dalmation doorstop called Tracey.)

Blokes - What to get for Valentine's Day and girls, if he loves ya, he loves ya.

The Most Famous Pearls In The World And What They Have To Do With Mary, Queen Of Scots And The Crown Jewelsa very thoroughly researched and serious piece about pearls! I know it must be good because a lot of folk download it!

The World's Gone Mad - Safety Notes for Jewellery Wearers We don't need common sense any more as we can just look everything up on the internet

How to Buy Jewellery as a Giftjust some tips if you're really stuck. I would say go with your gut instinct though. Its usually right. For example if you're thinking your sister-in-law would prefer a piece of jewellery to a box set of Ice Road Truckers then go with the jewellery, whatever your husband says.

Romancing the Stonesome 'meanings' of stones. I don't believe most of this stuff by the way but I know a lot of folk do and I respect that.