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What's New?

Marni's eveningwear pre Spring/Summer 2012 Show had some really gorgeous earrings. Mostly long and very elegant dangly earrings. I've made some here with hammered silver and green agate. You don't have to save them until the evening either! See my report on the Shows Pre-Shows Spring/Summer 2012

Ridiculously long earrings like this were all over the Chanel runway at the Spring/Summer 2011 show. In fact Chanel had similar earring lengths in their pre-fall show so it looks like it might be an earring trend that will go well into next winter. See the Chanel pictures yourself on the Fashion Show pages at

Christian Dior's Spring/Summer 2011 collection showed some fabulous necklaces and earrings of feathers and flowers. These earrings are right on trend in classy red and black - a black agate and red goose feathers. Super-long, super-light, super-glamourous. To see the Christian Dior collection yourself go to the Fashion Show pages at

More of these bright colours for A/W 2010... "Navy, cobalt, teal, royal...Blue is totally having a red-carpet moment...we're blue with envy" said InStyle (November issue). Well, you wouldn't need to be blue with envy if you had this gorgeous, versatile cobalt blue necklace. This necklace is actually two separate necklaces that can be worn together, as shown, or separately. One strand is of lovely cobalt blue Czech glass beads and the other strand is of striking cobalt blue and white glass chips.

According to Look(18th October 2010) berry colours are the key colours of the season. This necklace is made from Sterling Silver and dyed river shell chips in the most delicious colours. It will go with all those berry coloured outfits.

This necklace will go with this season's (Summer 2010) urban safari look. With the recycled wooden and shell beads, driftwood from Nairn beach and the handmade clasp it is an ethical buy too. Bazaar (June 2010) also says that accessories in wood are perfect with the sun-scorched shades inspired by Africa and Asia.

January's Bazaar says invest in chains this spring and pile them on! These three copper chains are affordable and you can wear them all at once, one at a time or fastened together for a longer look. With the 'toffee fudge' beads they look good enough to eat!

Layering - its not new but it's been all over the glossies recently. October 2009 Bazaar At Work devotes an entire article to it. So, how do you layer jewellery? Remember some of the basic rules for layering clothes: think of 'the balance of the overall proportion as well as the detail', 'work with similar tonal colour palettes' and finally 'know when to stop!' If it all seems a bit difficult then this layering necklace is for you. Three separate necklaces which complement each other, in different lengths they will sit in tiers on the neck. And because of the clasps, can be hooked together to make a longer necklace whenever you feel like it!

Harper's Bazaar August issue has a catwalk report for autumn and winter. This statement necklace will suit the 1980s New York trend in colour-popping lemon jade.

Also in Harper's Bazaar catwalk report houndstooth and tweed is back - 'the strongest looks in tones of crisp black and white.' They suggest you wear it with silver and black jewellery. These earrings will give traditional fabrics an updated look.

It is clear looking at the Catwalk pictures in Harper's Bazaar August 2009 that statement jewellery is still big news. If you don't want a great big necklace then this bracelet will certainly make a statement. Bright and bold and jangling with fashion charms, everyone will be noticing you.

In Sunday Times Style (April 2009) a feature on ethnic jewellery says that tribal-inspired beads are back. This necklace is made from different types of jasper and has a tribal look but is simply designed so it won't look out of date next season.

Going Up in Sunday Times Style (January 11th 2009) is wearing pink - 'psychologically proven to make you happy. And prettier!' We all knew that anyway but this lovely rhodocrosite pendant wrapped in Sterling Silver wire will complement your pink outfits as well as making you feel special.

Statement Jewellery is still in as highlighted in the New Season Trends section of the February 2009 issue of Glamour. This necklace in red spider web jasper with closoinne beads and glass beads is pretty striking but you could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt and it won't look over the top!.

According to Sunday Times Style (July 6, 2008) earrings this season are literally big! So, if you fancy it, now's the time to try something shoulder-sweeping! These cane glass earrings measure 10cm in length and are light and comfortable to wear.

Looking at Harper's Bazaar August 2008 issue, jewellery trends for Autumn/Winter 08 continue to favour bold, statement jewellery. This necklace fits the bill perfectly, with Swarovski crystals and black agate.

Bazaar also points to ink colours being a big trend in A/W 08. Complement your deep purple outfit with this Sterling silver, wire-wrapped amethyst pendant.

And from the Lanvin runway - a neat way to wear those long, long necklaces - why not tuck one side of your necklace into your cinching belt? Stops the necklace flapping about and looks cool. The Metamorphoses necklace (here in rose quartz, Swarovski crystal, Swarovski pearl and Sterling silver) is versatile and can be worn very long or in over 10 other distinct combinations.